Cato Press studio is run by and funded by the artists who use it, we pay a monthly fee to use the space – this membership fee helps with the maintenance and development of facilities.
Becoming a member of Cato Press means joining our friendly community and meeting other likeminded printmakers.

Keyholders have keys to the studio and can access it at any time, except when there are workshops on in the space. They are given storage space for storing their work and can use the etching and photopolymer facilities.

For details of costs, see below – all members are required to do an induction before using the space. If you are interested in joining us as a member, please give us an email and we can discuss when to organise your induction.


(We ask for a minimum of 3 months membership 
and a minimum of 1 months notice before you leave.)


+ £25 one of induction fee and annual membership fee (if you leave you will have to pay this fee again apon re-joining)

+ £40 pcm

+ £40 for your last month paid up front 

Membership includes:

- 24 hour access to the workshop (whenever courses and events are not running) 

- 2/4 hours a month volunteering in the studio

- 10% discount on workshops and courses 

- Workshop Sundries – Newsprint, black ink for proofing, tissue paper.

(if printing an edition members use own ink.)

- Access to etching, photopolymer and aquatint facilities. 

- Suitable for those with previous printmaking experience.

Membership places are limited. 

To Join Cato Press and become a part-time member please send an email to 

 if you are new to Printmaking and would like to start,  please get in touch to find out about upcoming courses, events and workshop inductions.